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3am Waitress is a 65 minute high energy dance theatre piece using aerial, set in an American diner at 3am. The stage performance enjoyed 5 star reviews and sell out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. It explores the damage done by solitude, the tenderness of unexpected connections and the ultimate peace that comes when we accept the world as it is. Our cinematic version brings the most challenging elements of the poem on which the piece is based to life.  The moon falls from the sky, trees tear themselves from the ground, cities collapse, mountains flop into the sea, 3am Waitress is TILT's first digital addition to the programme. 


A 65 minute high energy dance theatre piece receiving 5 star reviews and sell out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. With an eclectic soundtrack, performance poetry and aerial silk, 3 a.m. Waitress is a haunting road movie soundtrack to loneliness, detachment and the brief moments that bring us back to life. Merging Physical Theatre and Dance with Aerial Circus, all held together by Performance Poetry, our 3am Waitress is at breaking point, the point at which things must change or she will implode, self destruct.  We know nothing about our waitress except that she seems to be stuck in the same place at the same time and if she stops, the world may stop too.

‘The distinctive creative tension that shapes Rogueplay's artistic focus, courageously tackles difficult and highly personal themes in 3am Waitress.’  (Orit Azaz; Independent Producer)


'The finale, featuring a striking aerial silk performance and a single word uttered by the 3am Waitress, leaves me in a charged state of vitality and reverie. I will be thinking about the meaning of that word for some time. ***** ‘ 

(Joanne Harrison; SG Fringe)

The moon appears, the world is ending outside and all our waitress can do is sweep, retune the radio and wait for the clock to finally tick past 3am.  Think Elliot Smith, think long Texan roads that stretch as far as the eye can see, think wind in your hair, sun beating down on your face, think rain, lots of rain. Set to an eclectic soundtrack combined with an original piece of poetry, the 3a.m. Waitress is listening to the world end, one song at a time.


‘A truly touching performance, finding hope in the most desolate of times and places.’ (Audience Member)


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