Running for 7 years, TILT22 is by far the most ambitious. Dealing with the first two years f the pandemic and re-inventing TILT to adapt to the new normal in which we all find ourselves has meant we have had to think outside the box.


As a result we have a new TILT ONLINE programme, meaning you can join us from anywhere in the world, and the new PROMOTERS OF BADASSERY,  a unique offering to studios and their teachers across the globe. And of course, we have YOUNG TILT (8th-12th Aug)

For us, it has always been and will always be about generating an open, friendly, awesome-sauce environment in which everyone is welcome and everyone can fly. Anyone from grandparents to babies are welcome, beginners to professional, abled and differently abled, no matter who or where you are, our doors are open to you. Oh, and we have plenty of great coffee and cake!