Cyr Wheel



This class is for complete beginners. If you have never touched a wheel, if you did but still have no clue as to how things work or why, and you want to begin with a solid foundation, this class is for you.

After a warm-up specific to cyr wheel, we will explore the basics of manipulation and spinning, the foundations of balancing, the relationship between our bodies and the wheel, some basic movement

vocabulary, and most especially... how to have a lot of fun while training. There are no prerequisites to participate in this class.


This class is for users who have already developed some basic cyr wheel skills, want to make sure they have got their foundations right, and want to discover ways of further progressing their technique.
We will explore the relationship between the wheel and our body when they move separately (manipulation) and together (spinning, rolling and flipping), begin the study of transitions between movements, study a little more in depth the wheel as a balancing apparatus, and learn some movements that pave the road for more advanced techniques. We will also see more in depth how (and why) to best warm-up for cyr wheel practice, and how to build a physical preparation routine to build up our bodies for more demanding movements. (PLEASE WEAR SUITABLE SHOES: I.E. FEIYUES/PLIMSOLS)


  • ability to start, sustain, and stop a continued spin (waltz)

  • some manipulation movements

This class is for practitioner who already have their own technical vocabulary, have more or less mastered the basics, and are looking for ways to progress even further, improve their understanding of the wheel, or just to learn some new tricks. We will study advanced balancing techniques, research methods to develop new vocabulary, physical preparation for advanced movements, advanced movement transitions, and then spend some time each session on movements picked by the participants. (PLEASE WEAR SUITABLE SHOES: I.E. FEIYUES/PLIMSOLS)


  • knowledge of a few different types of manipulation

  • ability to waltz and perform 4-5 different waltzing movements (tricks)

  • ability to perform a sustained coin or a cartwheel (or both)

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