Session 3


Online Teacher

If you are a student working from a solid foundation, this class is for you.

This class caters for improvers and skilled cyr wheelers, who have already developed some basic cyr wheel skills, have good control of the wheel and want to make sure they have got their foundations right, and want to discover ways of further progressing their technique.

Looking at manipulation and spinning, the foundations of balancing, the relationship between our bodies and the wheel, and most especially... how to have a lot of fun while training. 

Improvers will explore the relationship between the wheel and our body when they move separately (manipulation) and together (spinning, rolling and flipping), begin the study of transitions between movements, study a little more in depth the wheel as a balancing apparatus, and learn some movements that pave the road for more advanced techniques. 



This is an online session with an online teacher so you MUST have some experience of cyr wheel. You will be shown how to help one another but basic knowledge and experience is ESSENTIAL.