Suitable for those who are new to handstanding or have some handstand experience. The session includes conditioning for the handstand techniques used with a focus on balance, entry to and exit from handstand. Transition whilst upside down. 


This class will include conditioning for handstands, how to improve the shape of your handstand. Kicking up into handstand, ways of coming out of Handstand. Practicing your balance and supporting others.

Pre requisites: Comfortable to take weight in your arms, good attitude and focus.


Pre requisites: Be comfortable in handstand and falling out of handstand. hold by yourself for  5-seconds upwards. Good attitude and focus.

This class will include, improving your balance. We will cover, Tuck straddle, star, split and straight handstands. Changing between these shapes and how to support these in partners. Handstand walking.



Pre requisites:  Able to hold handstand in a good shape for 30seconds, transition between various shapes by yourself, Handstand walk forward backward and sideways, One arm balance any shape 10 secs (One arm is an ideal but essential).  good attitude and focus. 

This class includes, Conditioning for one arm handstands, how to start them and how to improve or change shape whilst in a one arm.

Dynamics within handstands, how to change your dynamics to make varied sequences upside down. 

During the 5 days you will create your own short sequence of handstands and movement.  

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