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FRI 14th: PRO NIGHT (8pm-10pm)

Film Freeway.png

Join us for a truly stunning night of live circus & physical theatre performance by jaw dropping performers from all over the world. This night promises to be a corker, with everything from 5 minute circus acts to new shows.

And do we have a line-up for you in 2023! From the renowned straps dymanics of Angeliki Nikolakaki all the way from Greece, to the beautiful flow of Michael Standen performing across the globe and having landed right on home turf in Birmingham, and the contortion joy of world renowned Rebecca Hannah. You will not go away disappointed and there really is nothing like it in Birmingham. The night finishes with the breakin' hip hop essence of Company Apidae. Apidae are multi-disiplinary dance, physical theatre, film and music. Using the hybrids of breakin' and contemporary language they tell stories and showcase themes of identity and the importance of individuality,

'A night guaranteed to have audiences on the edge of their seats' (Phoenix Newspaper)

'A masterclass in raw, unadulterated, athletic art.' (West End Best Friend)

You will be right up close to the action with our small 100 seater studio. Tickets go fast so make sure to get yours.

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