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A vegan performance team of global heritage artists, Forests comprises a 5m willow tree with interweaving ropes extending stage left and right connecting performers and tree together. This network of rope allows the tree to be felled and re-grown and replicates the intricate fungal connections underground.

Performers climb and manipulate the tree through consistent rope balancing, the acrobatic dance sees them throwing, clambering and trampling one another, whilst ropes entangle, bind and reduce a performer to incapacity. The white performer always seeks to fell the tree.

A 30 minute piece that packs a powerful punch, suited to family audiences, and include an interactive protest, introducing young audiences to the concept of protesting. Finally, through the pulling and fighting in the ropes, the tree ‘splits apart’ releasing a cannon of bamboo origami birds. The two performers of global heritage, collect a bird in their hands and begin the interactive audience protest, whilst the white performer stands a top the split open tree with a box of ash.

Forests confronts the systemic racism driving the creation of ‘treeless land’, whilst exposing the futility of losing precious resources for ‘fleeting’ products such as toilet paper. We particularly strive to inspire a young future of courageous, strong young people, particularly girls, as well as inspire finding unique connections with others and thoughtful connections with nature.

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