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SAT 15th: FORESTS (2pm-2.50pm SHOW, 3pm FREE workshop)

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A willow tree, fiery acrobatics and dance feature in this highly visual family-friendly show. Forests packs a powerful punch, challenging forestry practices, our over-consumption of timber, the destruction of rainforests, and the displacement of indigenous peoples. Performers climb and manipulate the tree, the acrobatic dance sees them throwing, clambering and trampling one another, whilst ropes entangle and bind, before the tree is finally felled amid an explosion of tree-less origami birds. Forests confronts the systemic racism driving the creation of treeless land, whilst striving to inspire a future of courageous, strong young people.

The audience are given origami birds at the end of the show and encouraged to pass them onto other members. Audience participation. This 50 minute shoiw is followed by FREE accessible workshops taking place on the tree itself.

Created and Directed by | Kim Wildborne

Cast | Kim Wildborne, Fleur Hall, Meschach Shadare

Assistant Director | Lorna Meehan

Musical Composition | Meschach Shadare

Set Creation | Juliette Hamilton and Rhys Davis

Sound Technician | Richard Gillett

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