Yoga & Inversions



It’s time to release the Peter Pan in you and take your practice up in the air with this fun, vibrant and challenging rebel yoga style called ‘The Rocket.’ This all-levels workshop is designed to introduce you to or deepen your practice in Rocket Yoga. With its foundation in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, Rocket yoga is known for its love for floating and flying, so we will work on several inversions, transitions and arm balances with plenty of time for breaking down the movements to learn the poses or to take them to the next level. 

You will learn that flying in yoga is not about just strength, it’s about technique. These workshops are designed for anyone who loves to see the world upside down. We will build on the tools required to gain strength and pin-point alignment of inversions, with plenty of drills to test the balance on two hands, one hand, no hands, fingertips, hollowbacks, gaze switch and more.