The Rope material of Emiliano Ron is focused on dynamic movement, such as beats, tempos and releases, and power movement requiring coordinated core strength. Many of the movements are unique and Emiliano is a leading contributor to the art of Corde Lisse. During the course, Emiliano will provide ample demonstration physically in addition to verbal instruction and correction. There will be multiple ropes available at the course, lots of opportunity for one-on-one instruction from Emiliano and plenty of time to practice the movements on your own. 



Suitable for those with some rope experience and are able to climb and invert already. You will play with movements that open you up to the dynamic world of rope and help lay a solid foundation for rope theory and personal development. Beats, fun sequences and a few drops will sprinkle the week with great rope expression. 


This session is suitable for those with a good amount of rope experience but don't yet consider themselves advanced. You should have beats experience and be familiar with a variety of wraps and climbs. There will be lots of beating in these sessions and the ever famous back balance work of Emiliano will certainly be explored, as well as some of his unique material. 


Suitable for those with extensive rope experience who want to get their dynamics flying and work those release moves and some serious strength stuff.  Check out some of Emilano's harder material here:

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