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Felix Fogg

1.5 hrs


Chinese pole welcomes all levels to each session. although there are some pre-requisites for some sessions. It is important to note that Chinese Pole is difficult so don't stress if you can't do flying tricks straight away.

Monday: Theme: Climbing and Turning

Physical Pre-requisites: Nothing in particular for day 1, though experience in disciplines such as Rope, Rock Climbing, floor acrobatics, pole dance, or calisthenics is beneficial.


Tuesday:Falling and Catching

Physical Pre-Requisites Session 2: An ability to do at least 3 climbs on the pole - or 3 or more pull ups.

Physical Pre-Requisites Session 4: An ability to climb at least half way up the pole - or 8 pull-ups, and be comfortable with height.


Wednesday: The Big Three

Pre-requisites: Cartwheel on the floor, Handstand for 5+ seconds

Thursday: Pole Flips!

Physical pre-requisites Session 2: cartwheel on floor, handstand forward roll on floor, dive roll, and/or invert on bar/pole/rope, 3 wide arm pull-ups.

Physical pre-requisites Session 4: Not essential but beneficial

Back Somersault, back handspring, round-off, front handspring, side somersault, aerial cartwheel, 8+ pull ups, 5+ leg raises from hanging, human flag. 

Friday: Connecting the dots

No pre-requisites!

Whether you’re new to pole or already have some experience, we will be going over basic climbs, slides and combining tricks so if you feel a little out of your depth, it's ok, there are always plenty of regressions.


Pole Friendly shoes - Something with flat soles with as smooth a rubber base as possible. Good options are martial arts/wrestling trainers.

LOTS of layers it is important that lots of clothing is worn in Chinese Pole as the rubber can and will easily burn your skin if it is not protected by appropriate clothing. I would recommend 1x tracksuit bottoms 1x pair of jeans with no metal on them 1x long sleeve 1x hoodie minimum. Bonus clothes to bring: leotard/unitard, leggings, back warmer, tubi grips, spare hoodies jeans. It is very likely you will rip these clothes or at least make small holes/tears do not wear expensive clothing or things with sentimental value as you’ll be wearing them at your own risk of damaging them.

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