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Kim & Adrian

1.5 hrs


Designed for all level students and those teaching who are keen to develop their understanding of the muscular and skeletal systems of the body, and how it affects their training. 


The class will help you gain more understanding of the strains on muscles, connective tissue and fascia in aerial practice, highlighting and improving areas of weakness and gaining the ability to assess yourself and others.


A highly practical session, classes focus on beats, inverts, c-shaping, levers and injury prevention, providing building blocks for tests, postural analysis, anatomical awareness, safe conditioning and drills that are stepping stones to greater strength, mobility and stabilisation to achieve a higher level of skill, and/or support your own students safely. This is a knowledge gaining session, with plenty of 'playtime' to analyse your next steps. Those joining for 5 days will complete the course with a personalised training plan.


Not suitable for complete beginners. You must have some understanding, however basic, of an aerial discipline, in order to get yourself on/of equipment safely. 

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