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Kim Wildborne &
Angeliki Nikolakaki

1.5 hrs



Teacher: Angeliki Nikolakaki

The sessions will focus on basic and root positions to extend vocabulary and build confidence on the silk. For complete beginners you will learn to climb and explore your first poses and basic drops. For those with some experience (improver level) we explore many different ways to climb fabric. Here you'll explore variations of common climbs as well as uncommon ways to twist yourself around the material, creating locks and dropping them off effortlessly (with practice), one second you'll look tangled up, the next you're hanging in between two beautiful pieces of material.





Teacher: Kim Wildborne

This advanced session is not for the feint hearted. Find your inner ninja with unlock drops and dynamic beats, and discover why Kim is a lover of dynamics and catch & release. Working with beats, scorpions, catch & release drops and combination climbs, the class culminates in artistic choreography.

Both advanced and skilled students will develop more than just technique, They are for those who want to further their creative language in the air, find their own style, and push their aerial ability. Injury prevention is key, meaning the classes develop body awareness, skeletal and muscular understanding and language, as well as the application of those things in the air to maintain a long healthy life as an aerial artist.

The closest thing to flying............let's get dynamic


Good experience on silk and/or rope essential

Beats experience

Repeated able to invert in the air

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