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Kim Wildborne
Kim Wildborne.jpeg
Kim Wildborne.jpeg

Kim Wildborne

Silk, Rope & M.AD.

Kim is an aerialist with twelve years experience, the Director of West Midlands Circus Centre, Producer of TILT Festival and devoted Mum of two. Formerly known as Kim Charnock, Kim and her family changed their names to something that captured their essence. Wildborne testifies to Kim's drive for a desire for knowledge and connection between science and philosophy. Kim’s journey through aerial has always been driven by understanding what the body is capable of in the air, investigating theatrical content in vertical space, and training her socks off. She is known for her strong dynamic technique on the most romantic of the aerial apparatus; silk, but she is a lover of all things vertical and her style carries through into her passion for rope, hoop and trapeze. 

Kim has been teaching and performing for many years across Europe, learning many of the common problems and developing a huge series of exercises to help overcome them. Her teaching practice focuses on creative sequencing and building stronger, more efficient bodies without injury. She is dedicated to sharing that practice and helping others learn.

Angeliki Nikolakaki

Angeliki Nikolakaki

Straps, Silk, Hoop

Angeliki Nikolakaki studied at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London (2011-2014) and graduated with a Foundation Degree and a Postgraduate Certificate in Circus Arts specialising in aerial straps.

Her background includes training in ballet, modern jazz theatre and contemporary dance. Since then she has been performing/ teaching in the UK and abroad and has worked with prestigious companies such as Complicité Theatre, Upswing, Certain Blacks and Flow Productions.

She is also an Artistic co-Director and performer of Out Of Order Contemporary Circus Collective.

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Adrian Wldborne
Adrian Wildborne_edited.jpg

Adrian Wildborne

M.A.D Aerial Science & Massage

Adrian Wildborne is a level 5 qualified Remedial Therapist specialising in working with circus artists. He graduated from the Active School of Complementary Therapy (ASCT) gaining a Diploma in clinical sports and remedial massage, which is currently the highest qualification that can be held in the UK. Adrian’s primary concern is to educate and enable people to keep training whilst reducing their pain, helping them to recover quickly and equip them with the knowledge they need to move their practice forwards.

He has had a varied sporting life playing Basketball, Rock Climbing and Capoeira. This sporting life gives Adrian a genuine understanding of the body and how important it is to keep it in good shape and understanding the weaknesses your body has and what you can do to fix it. His current professional focus is on dissecting aerial movement and individualising training. 

Fabio Pinna

Fabio Pinna

Cyr Wheel & Partner Acro

Fabio is a cyr wheel artist, floor acrobat, an exercise science nerd, currently based in the Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo in Portugal, where he teaches cyr wheel specialists and floor acrobatics. Fabio has been one of the first active cyr wheel coaches in Europe, with 14 years experience in a discipline that has only existed for about 20 years. Constantly researching, Fabio has shared his findings with hundreds of students, artists, and teachers, greatly influencing the pedagogy and methodology of cyr wheel all over, and developing an unique style that exists at the intersection of physics, exercise science, dance, self-expression, movement flow, acting, and a few other terms that he hasn't found a name for yet.


Fabio's favorite way of describing his teaching style is that he likes to train with the grit of an athlete and practice with the dedication of an artisan, to develop all the tools needed to play with the joy of a kid and create with the passion of an artist. His methodology is based on internalising the feeling of balance and technique through the exploration of movement.

Fabio Pinna Cyr Wheel.jpg
Rebecca Hannah

Rebecca Hannah

The Art of Back bending, Yoga & Contortion

Rebecca was introduced to yoga through physical theatre and performance. She trained in Ashtanga, Hatha moving her interests to martial arts, Tripsichore Yoga Choreography, calisthenics, mobility, and Kids and Teen Yoga training. Rebecca has taught worldwide, in over 16 different countries. Her own personal practice includes integrating vinyasa with contortion, mobility, calisthenics, and contemporary dance.

Rebecca teaches with a rich interdisciplinary approach, exploring the importance of building strength to support flexibility using movement as a tool for mindfulness, communication, creativity and self-expression.

Rebecca Hannah.JPG
Felix Fogg

Felix Fogg

Chinese Pole, Soft Acrobatics

Biography to follow........

Felix Fogg Chinese Pole
Michael Standen

Michael Standen

Trapeze & Hand Balancing

Michael is an international circus powerhouse, who has hailed from London's national Center for Circus Arts. Graduating in 2014 Michael has performed for the Royal Variety Show, Sir Paul Smith, Tina Turner and a handful of international Royal Families. 

Michael's Main disciplines are Handbalancing, Acrobatics, Partner Acrobatics and Dance Trapeze. Which he has utilised and used for companies such as C!RCA Australia's contemporary circus for most of his career, as well as Casus, and working a variery of fringe shows such as Little death Club. 


Michael is passionate about teaching and welcomes individuals of all abilties and backgrounds. Michael loves finding the joy in breaking down moves, skills, and movement into core principles as choreographic tools. This will be Michael's first Tilt and he is very eager and excited to meet you all.

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